Chase Fiedler Tattoo Portfolio

Chase Fiedler is a tattoo artist based out of California


Chase Fiedler is a tattoo artist based out of Southern California. He specializes in Realism, Illustrative Realism, Blackwork, Floral, Minimalism, and Micro Detail tattoos.

When Chase came to us, he had no website and no online presence aside from an Instagram page he personally managed. His biggest problem was that Instagram was not a reliable way to communicate with clients and book appointments.

His biggest goal was to allow clients to book appointments through his website. In doing so, his appointments would become more organized and easy to manage.

Chase is very passionate about the custom artwork that he creates. He doesn’t just tattoo, he creates the artwork from the rough draft of the drawing, to the final placement of the tattoo.

Chase is an artist, so we incorporated his artistic style into the bones of the website. His art is featured throughout his website, and even his hand drawn geometric patterns line the background of the website.

Aside from aesthetic, we incorporated the exact functionality that Chase needed with a website. Including a hard to miss “BOOK APPOINTMENT” button to make it real easy for him to schedule with his future clients.

Chase was ecstatic about his website. No longer having to depend on Instagram DMs to manage boat loads of clients.

Chase Fiedler Tattoo Portfolio