Chicago Swim School Portfolio

Website Redesign

Chicago Swim School teaches kids how to be safe around all types of water.

Their website was very old school when we got it. A basic theme was used to design it that had since gone out of date.

They wanted us to modernize it, make it responsive, and take out the glitches they were experiencing on mobile devices. They also needed the website to appeal to a younger audience as their swim school was aimed towards kids.

The school was coming up on the beginning of season, so we had to get the job done in a time crunch.

We started with the foundation of the website, updating the software core, all the plugins, and all the files that come with it. Then we started on the theme, removing the old one and designing from the bottom up, a completely custom look for Chicago Swim School. The new design we put in is so fun! Blue and water everywhere. Photos of children splashing and playing in the fun water.

We turned their website over so quick, they could hardly believe it. With perfect time for their marketing campaign for the new season.

They were very thankful at our quick and beautiful work.

Chicago Swim School Portfolio